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Have a procurement strategy that is focused on delivering best value and efficiency targets based on a full understanding of risk.

Demonstrate that they have the capability to effectively deliver their chosen procurement strategy.

Proactively manage their supply chain and, for ongoing programmes of work, develop supplier communities aligned to their aims and objectives.

Have efficient and effective selection policies and processes, which award construction contracts based on the supplier’s ability to deliver.

Know that they are fully receiving the services they bought, and that continual improvement is being delivered by its suppliers.

Have strong contract managers with the skills and competences needed to develop effective working relationships with the supply chain and deal effectively with poor performance.

Work in collaboration with other clients to obtain better value from increased purchasing power, improved forward planning and standardisation.

We can undertake a review of your procurement strategy, evaluate risks and identify practical and realistic improvements to achieve better value and efficiency targets.

We can help you to develop and demonstrate excellent client capability based on Achieving Excellence and the Office of Government Commerce’s Common Minimum Standards.

We can help you to develop your supply chain so that it is aligned with your requirements, and help to establish supplier communities focused on delivering better value.

We can carry out reviews of your supplier selection policies and processes and develop these so that you engage with suppliers who are most likely to deliver the best value.

We can help you to ensure that value is being delivered through the effective use of a performance management framework and independently review performance against quality proposals.

We can help with the professional development of staff engaged in procurement and contract management activities through individual and/or group training and coaching.

We can help to identify opportunities for collaboration with other clients and deliver these in a way that meets your requirements.


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