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How we can help Suppliers to the Public Sector

Successful Suppliers...

Rowsell Wright Services Available

Fully understand a client's aims and objectives, way of working and the constraints under which they operate.

Understand the drivers for change in the public sector and respond quickly to opportunities arising from new requirements and new ways of working.

Are able to demonstrate excellent delivery capability ensuring that this is fully understood by clients.

Ensure that tenders fulfil requirements and are aligned with client aims and objectives.

Have effective procedures for measuring and demonstrating performance, and ensure that their clients recognise the value that they provide.

Have high calibre resources that can deliver very high levels of customer satisfaction.

We can help you to better understand your clients and align your services with their existing and future requirements.

We can advise you on developments, changes and initiatives in the public sector and how this may impact on your clients and your business.

We can help you to present your company capability most effectively and ensure that this is fully recognised by all relevant parts of the client’s organisation.

We can help you ensure that your bid proposals go well beyond basic compliance and are fully focussed on the client’s key objectives and priorities.

We can help you ensure that your successes are effectively presented to clients and fully recognised by all relevant parts of their organisation.

We can provide you with resources to supplement your team in delivering procurement advisory services to public sector clients.


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